Pricing you can understand

Simple, fair and transparent. No surprises. No hidden charges.

1% per annum

Add in GST, STT, brokerage and it'll be 1.4%. But that's it.

No entry, exit or performance fees

No lock-ins

Invest more at any time

You don't have to worry about paying to add more, or to take out your money

Get Started

Wealth's standard features

  • Calculated every day

    We value your portfolio daily, and charge 1%/365.

  • Billed every quarter

    Pay at the end of the quarter. Deducted directly from amounts with us.

  • No hassle reporting

    Fee details, tax implications and transaction statements available online or on demand.

  • Fully transparent

    See a history of our billing and what we've made vs. what value we've created for you at any time.

  • Compared to mutual funds?

    We're comparable to (and often cheaper) than most mid or multi cap mutual funds.

  • Aligned interests

    If we double your money, our earnings double as well.

Have questions?

If you want to speak to someone from Capitalmind before making a decision, we understand. Share your details and we'll be glad to walk you through how we invest.

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