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  • Index Product at 0.25% per year
  • Long Term Product at 1% per year
  • Momentum Product at 1% per year
  • No entry fees
  • No performance fee
  • No lock in
  • No exit fees
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Standard Features

Calculated every day
Calculated every dayWe value and charge on your respective portfolio daily.
Billed every quarter
Billed every quarterPay at the end of the quarter. Deducted directly from amounts with us.
No hassle reporting
No hassle reportingFee details, tax implications and transaction statements available online.
Fully transparent
Fully transparentSee history of our billing and what we have made vs. what value we have created for you at any time.
Compared to mutual funds
Compared to mutual fundsWe are comparable to (and often cheaper) than most mid or multi cap mutual funds.
Aligned interests
Aligned interestsIf we double your money, our earnings double as well.
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