The Long Term Portfolio

With focus on stocks with tremendous growth potential in long term, we keep about half the portfolio in larger stocks that show consistently great performance and half in small and mid-cap stocks where we look for great companies that aren’t too big already.
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the premise

Does the company score well on

  • Multiple Expansion - can we expect future investors pay as much or more?
  • Earning Growth - can the company significantly increase profits
  • Management Quality - do you trust the management to be honest and competent

What we avoid?

  • Non-Financial stocks with high leverage (too much debt).
  • Expensive stocks without a margin of safety. Ones that are already priced to perfection.
  • Stocks with low liquidity where exiting can be a challenge
the premise
the strategy

A Multi-Cap Portfolio

  • More than 30 stocks
  • Long only with no shorts
  • Upper limit of 10% per stock
the strategy
the result

Long Term focus at a reasonable cost

  • No Lock Ins, Performance Fee or Exit Charges
  • 1% management fee per year
  • Diversified across sectors and sizes
the result

Why buy Long Term Portfolio?

Willing to wait for Superior Returns
  • Find stocks with great potential that other investors aren't persuaded as YET.
Strong Risk Management
  • With strong emphasis on asset allocation and a vigilant research, we stay on top of your portfolio and make changes as necessary so that you can rest easy.
Solid Companies
  • Your Long Term portfolio is stacked with good companies with honest and competent management.

Risk & Mitigation

  • With no long term advantage of Concentrated portfolio over Diversified portfolio (as seen in our research), we do not restrict to small number of stocks by design.
Debt Allocation
  • We manage risk by increasing our allocations to debt when the markets are elevated in terms of valuations. When markets fall, we move money from debt to equity.
Staggered deployment
  • We will stagger entries over a few months and buy stocks only if they meet our growth filters. The staggering helps average the stock purchase.
  • The growth triggers we’ve identified could take a few years to take hold, therefore we exit stocks only where company fundamentals or the premise for selection has drastically changed.

Navigating the market cycles

Active since November 2017, we strongly believe this portfolio will do excellently in the long term, even if it do not exactly match the indices in the short term. Over due course, we will continue to buy more of the good stocks, and get rid of the bad ones.
Long Term Portfolio Returns

Allocating to Long Term

Strategy is to identify and participate in good growth stories over the next decade.
Strategy is to identify and participate in good growth stories over the next decade.
Suggestion : 40% of your overall allocation to Long Term for diversification
Suggestion : 40% of your overall allocation to Long Term for diversification
Works well over a longer time horizon
Works well over a longer time horizon
Fee: 1% per annum
Fee: 1% per annum
No entry fee, exit fee, performance fee or lock-ins
No entry fee, exit fee, performance fee or lock-ins

Join Capitalmind Wealth with the Long Term Portfolio(1% p.a fees )

We're a SEBI registered portfolio manager INP000005847

For Existing Customers

  1. Add a new goal targeting the Long Term portfolio. You can invest additional money into this.
  2. Convert part of your current allocation to the longTerm portfolio
  3. Use a “gains only” mechanism:
    • Park money in debt
    • Take out gains every quarter and invest in long term.

For New members

  1. Minimum investment of Rs. 50 Lakhs (SEBI rules)
  2. You can elect for a combination of Long Term , Momentum and Market Fund in:
    • A 40:20:40 portfolio would have 20 lakh in Long Term, 10 lakh in Momentum and 20 lakh in Market Fund
    • Over time, top up with additional funds to increase allocation
  3. We also offer
    • Momentum Portfolio
    • Market Portfolio (Index investing ETFs)
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