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We take a disciplined, data-driven approach to investing that is tailored to your lifestyle and life goals.
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We do two big things for you

Our goals framework helps you define why you are saving, how much you need and when you need it. Our adaptive platform uses a combination of debt and equity to figure out the best way to get you there.
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A thoughtful plan reduces your worries
  • The basic point about money is to reduce your worries. We often find that money is the thing that people worry most about!
  • If you keep the big picture in mind, you’ll want to keep aside enough money for each of the big things that you really want. Your retirement. Your kids’ education costs. Your annual holidays. That trip to Wimbledon that costs Rs. 400,000 per person just for a seat in the stadium.
  • Compartmentalize your savings, and you’ll be relieved to know each of your goals is on track. If it’s behind, you’ll know early enough to take action.
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Asset Allocation
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Asset Allocation

Adapts as your life goals and financial well-being evolve
  • We dynamically adjust your debt and equity allocations to meet your goal. Ahead of your glide path? Perhaps equity’s run a little too far ahead; we’ll then move money to debt. If you’re behind, we’ll put more into equity and buy more when the market is down.
  • As you get closer to needing your money - say when your kid’s college starts) - we “taper” into a lower equity allocation and thus, lower risk, so that you don’t have tell your kids that they can’t go to the college they want because, well, stock markets didn’t do well.

Your PMS Account Setup

Submit Application

    Submit Application

  • Fill our online forms here. We will set up a demat account in your name with ICICI Bank
  • Fund your account via online transfer or cheque. We begin trading as soon as your account is funded with Rs 50 lakh or more (SEBI mandated)
Fund your account

    Fund your account

  • As we buy assets, ICICI allocates shares and allocates shares and mutual funds purchased to your demat account
  • Our online portal Progress shows you where you are vs. your goals at any time.
Track Progress

    Track Progress

  • Download all relevant reports - performance, holding statements, tax P&L, transaction statement - at any time
  • We share an annual audited statement confirming your holdings and our calculations.
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